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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

w00t – The Digital Revolution Will Not be Televised (But You Can Download it)

Bob Ostertag, sound artist and professor of technocultural studies at UC Davis, just released a new sound recording entitled "w00t!" on his website. The katamari-inspired "cover" art, co-option of the sounds of many popular games, and intelligent writing about digital art in the internet age fits the bill perfectly for mention on this site.

Unlike Radiohead and NIN with their massive followings, catchy songs, and built-in marketing, Bob has a long standing and well-known reputation of ingenious sound artistry and political writing. That is to say, he's not selling a lot of records, but he is paving the way for artists of the future. (Like Thom Yorke’s and Trent Reznor’s projects, remixes, of course, are encouraged! Bonus points if you can mash up all three.)

w00t was composed entirely from fragments of music from computer games. The names of the games are listed on the download page. The w00t art work is a collage of images from these same games, made by artist John Cooney.

Download it here.

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