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Monday, November 15, 2010

Clear Eyed and True – A Special Blog Post in Two Parts

Everything is Pop Exclusive Download from The Lightning Bug Situation -  Part One

The maple leaves are blanketing my front yard for the second time in as many months. (It’s been a very blustery autumn.) The familiar greens of the neighbourhood swapped with decidedly more earthy hues. Fall has made her presence felt; her now familiar beauty all breathy and wise. Time to contemplate, celebrate and commiserate.

Seasonal poetics aside, today I have a very special treat for Everything is Pop readers. I am equally thrilled and privileged to offer this exclusive download to you, for your listening pleasure. “Fall” is a single from the brilliant new album by the Lightning Bug Situation, Call. And if that were not enough you can also download the accompanying artwork by John Dezort, a fantastic remix by Nick Burcher and even a previously unreleased song called “Your Heart Behind Pale Skin”. 

All of this for free!

Download Here!

Some of you may recall I named The Lightning Bug Situation’s A Leaf: A Stream as my record of the year for 2007. (You can also read my review here.) The Lightning Bug Situation is the project of the Speakers' Brian Miller. Please visit his blog here.

You can also purchase Call here:  (I would wholeheartedly recommend this.)

Thank you so much Brian Miller (The Lightning Bug Situation) for your awesome generosity.

Want to know more about this amazing recording?  Read Part Two


Barbara Bruederlin said...

I wholeheartedly back your wholehearted recommendations, and I thank you for introducing me to this wonderful album.

Certainly nobody should pass up this opportunity to download, at the very least.

eric said...

Can't turn down a freebie!

Nice one too.

Thanks Shawn