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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Your Weekly Download Lowdown

(Catching up on some stuff you may have missed over the holidays.)

Download Radiohead Concert Film

Just into 2011 and rumours abound that Radiohead will be releasing new music this year. For those Paranoid Androids that just can’t wait- a special treat. Last January, the Oxford quintet put on a very exclusive (limited to only 1400 fans) show in Los Angeles to raise money for Haitian earthquake relief. Thanks to a handful of ardent fans supporters, an official two disc DVD consisting of footage from the concert, videotaped by fourteen different fans, and a few audio tracks is available for download, and is even streaming on Youtube. All twenty four songs performed are featured in the film; the setlist (see below) including classics from The Bends to 2007′s In Rainbows. All Radiohead asks is that you donate to Oxfam Charity in return.

You might recall a fan made concert film sanctioned by the band with high quality audio supplied by them, that was made available last August. Great stuff there too!

You can find all the links to download this two hour concert film here. Again, if you do download the film, all Radiohead asks is a donation to Oxfam in return.

So Radiohead fans... Give early and give often.  This one is very much worth it.


Faust Arp
Fake Plastic Trees
Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
National Anthem
Karma Police
Kid A
Morning Bell
How To Disappear Completely
Wolf at the Door
The Bends
Body Snatchers
Dollars & Cents
Exit Music (For a Film)

Everything In Its Right Place
You and Whose Army?
Pyramid Song
All I Need
Lotus Flower
Paranoid Android
Street Spirit

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