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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Apocalypse Soon

Baritone singer song-writer Bill Callahan has always been a fascinating sort. His records always interesting free form little journeys. Callahan’s disaffected voice telling bittersweet tales of love and horses and everything in between. Good, albeit brief news today that the artist formerly known as (Smog) will release a new album Apocalypse April 19th via Drag City. It's Callahan's first studio full-length since 2009's sublime Sometimes I Wish We Were an Eagle. (Callahan issued a live record Rough Travel for a Rare Thing in 2010.)

Callahan and Drag City have offered no more information about the album aside from the jpeg which arrived this morning.

No. 6 Bill Callahan - "Vessel in Vain" from Retread Sessions on Vimeo.

1 comment:

amity said...

Thanks for sharing the Callahan updates, Sean! Beautiful video, I love how he's just out there, serenading a river.