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Friday, September 7, 2007

Brian Eno Chooses LOLA for Canadian Premiere of his Latest Art Exhibit

Multimedia artist Brian Eno, perhaps best known his for records with Roxy Music and U2, is bringing his “77 Million Paintings” art plus music exhibit to North America. The installation, which is a kaleidoscope of the world’s art accompanied by his music, will follow a successful San Francisco run with a trip to London. LOLA (London Ontario Live Art Festival 2007) runs from September 20 – 22. See the web links for full times and dates.

Eno, a pioneering musician has had a long career as a visual artist. He has worked with "generative" light compositions in the same way that he has worked with generative music for decades. His visual work has been exhibited in galleries across the world and installations of his latest generative artwork, “77 Million Paintings” will be showing for the first time at
LOLA before travelling to the Biennales of both Venice and Milan this year.

Eno’s unique installation features customized software to create literally millions of visual combinations of “visual music”. The paintings are generated from handmade slides that are randomly combined by the computer. The software also processes Eno’s music that accompanies the paintings, in a similar way to the selection of elements and their duration in the piece. They are arbitrarily chosen, forming a virtually infinite number of variations. The result is that having created the seed of the work it becomes unpredictable even to the artist himself and every viewer has a singular experience of the painting.
Well worth your time this opportunity should not be missed.

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