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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Knockin’ On Kiernan’s Door

As a music fan I understand the impulse to want to get a little closer to the musicians I respect and admire. Aside from the occasional tour bus, I have never sought out anyone on their home turf and or the residence they grew up in. Probably a good thing considering I would in all likelihood be arrested. But I must admit this story brought a smile to my face as I ate my breakfast this morning.

Earlier this month Winnipeg Residents John Kiernan and Patti Regan came home from buying groceries to find Bob Dylan waiting in front of their home. Like many before him, Dylan (in town for a concert) had come to see the childhood home of Neil Young. The couple — accustomed to rock fans making a pilgrimage — didn’t recognize Dylan at first.

“I’m looking around, and I realize, this guy having a tuque on has really great cowboy boots on,” Kiernan said. “He was wearing really nice leather pants. And I realize I’m staring face-to-face with Bob Dylan.”

Dylan talked to the couple for about 25 minutes, and took him to Young’s old bedroom — where their 16-year-old daughter currently resides. “[Dylan said] ‘OK, so this was his view, and this was where he listened to his music,’ ” said Kiernan.

Last year Dylan talked to Rolling Stone about Young. “Neil is very sincere,” said Dylan. “He’s sincere, and he’s got a God-given talent, with that voice of his, and the melodic strain that runs through absolutely everything he does. He could be at his most thrashy, but it’s still going to be elevated by some melody. Neil’s the only one who does that. There’s nobody in his category.”

Bob Dylan continues his current Canadian tour and is playing in London tonight at the John Labatt Centre. It is very likely he will be wearing leather pants.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

Can you imagine coming home to find Bob Dylan sitting on your porch, wanting a tour of your house? What a fun story. Glad to hear he was nice.

erin said...

This is a cool story. That would really freak me out to see some person checking out my house like that. It's just lucky you Canadians are so friendly.