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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

PiL Rise Again

John Lydon Reforms Public Image Ltd.

He reformed his other band twice , those fiendish Sex Pistols fellows in the mid 1990’s and in 2007 with acclaimed tours and a live album and DVD. He has worked for the Discovery Channel and even hawked margarine in Europe in the last couple of years. This time though he's doing something to get excited about… But will it actually fly? John Lydon’s seminal post-punk group, Public Image Ltd. (PiL), are back together. The lineup this time though may be slightly unfamiliar. Gone are pivotal previous members Jah Wobble and Keith Levene. It is likely though, eager fans are still likely to make short work of their concert tickets. A short UK tour by PiL has been announced for December, with limited other dates set to be announced soon.

From the Guardian. "We'll see where we can go," Lydon says of the new band. "Some things may be quite similar. Some may not." Guitarist Lu Edmonds, drummer Bruce Smith and multi-instrumentalist Scott Firth will join the singer in the band. The reformation comes just as their seminal Metal Box (1979) also known as Second Edition reaches its 30th anniversary, although it’s not clear how much of the album will be included in the live shows. (Feeling old yet?)

Speaking of Wobble and Levene, Lydon says they are both “off on their own tangents," although he claims there is little bad blood between them. When asked if they are still friends, he says: "Wobble always, yes. Keith used to be, but he went off into his own little universe and never came back."

Ah Johnny you entertain us so.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

The man simply does not know how to be boring.

I do believe though, that it was actually butter that he was shilling in his dressing gown. Lydon would never sell margarine.

icastico said...

Too bad the couldn't get Martin Atkins involved. I've always felt the albums with him were the best.

Dale said...

I saw PiL years ago in Toronto and everyone kept spitting up at poor Mr. Lydon until he screamed at them and then threw his mic to the stage storming off cutting everything well short. It was pretty entertaining as far as tantrums go.

Anonymous said...

Martin Atkins is a great drummer....but he has Pigface going....sad that the original members (Keith Levene or Jah Wobble) aren't the ones in it...