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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Download Lowdown - Other People's Songs For Free

Steve Jobs did his best today to entice you into purchasing a brand new iPod and recognizing that cash flow could be an issue after purchasing said appliance this download might be of interest to you. Even more important, this one's pretty great, particularly if you love obscure cover versions.

The always great Damien Jurado and equally amazing Richard Swift spontaneously recorded an album together, featuring songs by the likes of Bill Fay, John Denver, Kraftwerk, Yes, and more… and did I mention it’s free. (Full tracklisting below).

Grab it via the handy widget below.

OTHER PEOPLE'S SONGS - Volume One - Performed by Damien Jurado & Richard Swift by Richard Swift
“Other People’s Songs Vol. 1” is a collection of covers recorded on the weekend of August 21-22, 2010 (with the aid of a four-track cassette recorder and a Coles-4038 ribbon microphone).  It is available to you (the world) via the inter-webs for FREE.  These recordings came about spontaneously, and we wanted to share them in the same manner.  Look for another one around Winter time. “Thanks, Brochacho” - DJ/RS
“Be Not So Fearful” - Originally by Bill Fay
“Hello Sunshine” - Originally by Relatively Clean Rivers
“Sweetness” - Originally by Yes
“Sincere Replies” - Originally by Oh! Calcutta! Original Broadway Cast
“If The Sun Stops Shinin’” - Originally by Chubby Checker
“Follow Me” - Originally by John Denver
“Outside My Window” - Originally by The Fleetwoods
“Radioactivity” - Originally by Kraftwerk
“Crazy Like A Fox” - Originally by Link Cromwell and The Zoo

Grab this one peeps. It's worth it.

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