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Friday, September 3, 2010

Hey Thom, I !*#$ing Shot That!

A casual search of via YouTube always reveals any number of fan made concert videos. Usually shot on camera phones, (some apparently on pin-hole cameras) they are simplistic in approach and some manage to capture perfomers in their glory. Amateur Czech film-makers have now taken it one step further by releasing their own DVD featuring a little English upstart called Radiohead. The band have even thrown their support behind the live venture by providing the actual soundtrack to the East European auteurs amateur shots. The band generously provided pristine audio masters to the makers of Prague DVD, a DIY concert film shot in concert there on August 23, 2009.

Samples of the project have been uploaded to YouTube for preview. The final product featuring the work of ninety people. If you visit the Prague DVD website, you can download the entire set for free, in multiple formats. The set includes a version for the iPhone and even a promise of a future Blu-Ray verson. The site's credo- "Strictly not for sale. By the fans, for the fans. Please share and enjoy."

Wise words, this thing is really pretty amazing. Just keep the Gravol handy, the transitions can be a little rough at times.

Radiohead are currently working on their eighth studio album.

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