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Monday, June 6, 2011

King of Remixes

When I first heard the latest Radiohead release, King of Limbs, I was struck by the 'remix friendly' nature of the tracks.  This was a record whose very structure and instrumentation could be wholly dissected and creatively rearranged to entirely different ends. The fan envisaged The King of Limbs Part 2, perhaps? I think this might just be so much more; this series will feature a host of the best remix producers on the planet. 

The band has announced today that next month they will start rolling out a series of limited-edition twelve-inches featuring remixes from their last full length.  (Or perhaps more accurately three quarter length, it was a little short by all standards). The first release will feature remixes of "Little By Little" by Caribou and "Lotus Flower" by Jacques Greene, and will be available on July 4
th (July 5th in North America.)

XL and Ticker Tape will handle the releases, which will be available in select independent record stores and through the band's website.  CD and digital enthusiasts should note the sites will also have the files in WAV format.
Additional information will be provided when it becomes available.  Let’s hope the band makes some high quality vines (limbs?) available to fans to work their creative remixing magic too.

1 comment:

Barbara Bruederlin said...

You called that one! Kudos for being on the same wavelength as the boys from Oxfordshire.
Radiohead has a history of encouraging remixes, which has resulted in some pretty incredible stuff.