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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Happy New Year! Radiohead Stylee

The lads from Oxford are at it again. This time another webcast to commemorate the physical release of In Rainbows on New Years Day in the UK. The album will apparently be played in its entirety. Check in around midnight GMT on December 31st; I'm sure you've got nothing better to do at that hour.

Not my favourite cd of the year but very close, the band certainly captured my heart for innovative marketing and pure creative genius.

This information from Thom Yorke himself as captured below from


Dear Reader

Hope you are having a peaceful christmas.

As you may now have heard we will be broadcasting a pre-recording of some songs and other bits on New Years Eve..
you will be able to view it online from here at midnight new years eve, uk time that is...
as well as other places that i am not sure about.this is a wee celebration of the release of the physical manifestation of 'in rainbows'.

yours hopefully


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