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Friday, January 4, 2008

My Favourite Movie So Far This Year

Despite my cheeky byline it is doubtful I will see another movie this year that will be as good as Juno. It is motion pictures like this that make me love the cinema and everything about it. Directed by Jason Reitman, (Thank You For Smoking), Canadian actress Ellen Page steals the show in this delightful film that I will repectfully refrain from any type of plot synopsis. The less you know the better, trust me; the ride will be worth it. One thing for certain, I'll be looking for the soundtrack to this one. The music is a character unto itself and highly effective.

I can not recommend this one enough. Watch for Ellen Page come Oscar nomination time.

I'm still smiling and its two days after seeing this wonderful film. Go see it!

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amityb said...

I JUST saw Juno, practically a second ago. I hope you're right about its lingering effects--if only all films were this hilarious and heartfelt all at once. If you haven't, check out for a Michael Cera fix.

Great music blog! You're a great resource to have! However I do take issue with your placement of Arcade Fire, but not all lists are perfect I guess.