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Thursday, February 26, 2009

UPDATE – Best Live Music Club in Canada Announced

Phog Lounge in Windsor, ON has been named Canada's best music club in the CBC Radio 3 Best Live Music Club competition. Personal favourites the Aeolian Hall and Call the Office in London perservered until the end and despite my daily voting were defeated.

Concert-goers were asked to submit the names of their favourite music venues that held less than 1,000 people last month. More than 100 were submitted and rounds of voting narrowed the competitors to 20 and then ten finalists. The winner was announced by Grant Lawrence live on Wednesday.

Phog Lounge will receive a live concert from CBC Radio 3 with a "nationally recognized act," a Sirius satellite radio and subscription, CBC Radio 3 loot for its owners and staff, a plaque and a trophy.

The venue which holds about sixty people opened in 2004. This contest will no doubt put the club on the concert map. Congratulations to Phog Lounge on the win, although next year, (and I’m saying it now) the title will come to London where it rightfully belongs.

1 comment:

Barbara Bruederlin said...

You really have to love 60 person venues. There is nothing that replaces the intimacy of having rock god sweat dripped upon you.

I am looking forward to the bun fight which will ensue next year when the Aeolian Hall fights for its rightful place.