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Monday, February 2, 2009

Shop Drifters of the World Unite

On April 18th, music lovers will unite to celebrate a venerable global institution: the independent record retailer. Yes, that special day marks the second annual Record Store Day, and with it comes all manner of free goodies, contests, exclusive music releases, feats of strength, in-store performances, signings, meet-and-greets, occasional nudity and other assorted hoopla. Consider this an early reminder to pencil this in your calendars, PDA’s and palms of your hands.

Oh yes, and news of some of the exclusives you can pick up at your participating local store are starting to leak out on the interwebs. Matador Records is doing special limited edition (2,500) pressings of these exclusives:

Jay Reatard/Sonic Youth split 7″ - “Hang Them All” (JR) b/w “No Garage” (SY)

Sonic Youth/Beck
split 7″ - “Pay No Mind” (SY covering Beck) b/w Beck - “Green Light” (Beck covering SY)

Live In Germany LP

Let’s all get out and support this one vinyl junkies and music nerds. This is one institution we can’t afford to lose.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

I shall certainly make a pilgrimage to my favourite independent record store, if not that day (I stay away from shops on Saturdays), then certainly the day before. And for good measure, I'll hit my favourite used record store too.

Sean Wraight said...

You gotta go day of Barb. Thats when they have all the best stuff. Trivia contests and peformances. C'mon brave the crowds, take some pictures!

Gotta love a favourite used record store huh?