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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Downloaders of the World Unite

Interested in acquiring some great and free (gratuity accepted) music to download? This is your chance. The Free Music Archive is up and running, with about 5000 tracks available for streaming or download in its library. All of the songs are licensed under Creative Commons, and the selection itself is carefully maintained by cred-heavy organizations like WFMU, KEXP, dublab, and ISSUE Project Room.

Much like open-source sampling sites, FMA does not restrict the use of any of its music-- chop, remix, and soundtrack as you see fit. Also, the site maintains bios of featured artists and accepts tips via PayPal.

I must say the a lot of this stuff is right up my completist tendency alley. There’s a lot of live radio broadcast-type stuff up right now, but most of it seems to be of pretty high quality, and recognizable, too.

Take the time to search it out. You might just find some downloadable treasures.


mellowlee said...

Oh My! GOODIES! Thank you :O)

katrocket said...

What an awesome site - I'm hoping to find some time over the weekend to hunt for treasures.

thanks for the link, Sean! You're the bestest!

Sean Wraight said...

Hi Mel,

Anything for you, fellow BLIPper. :) You may have to comb through these archives but it is well worth it.

Thanks for dropping by!


Well thank you Kat. :) Time is indeed key here. It's a great place to visit though.


Allison said...

Excellent, excellent (insert steeple hands)!

Sean Wraight said...

Mr. Burns, (Smithers would even be better) ;)

You are going to love this place. Just take time to do some hunting around.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

I almost shorted out my laptop with the drool! Nice find, I took a quick peek and plan to spend a bit of time there over the weekend. Page is bookmarked! Thanks, Sean!

Westcoast Walker said...

Thanks for pointing out this marvelous resource for the musically obsessed!

Sean Wraight said...

Barb, Do be careful my friend... I can see it now the first Darwin Awards Downloader Death. Electocution by drool would be so nasty. Sooooo, I suggest a raincoat and wellies before you visit the site next.

Do have fun though!



It is an amazing site. Only the best for such regular readers. I am certain you'll find plenty of treasures there!