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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Your Weekly Download Lowdown

For the record I do not receive royalties from Daytrotter nor have I ever done so. I just like them a whole heck of a lot. (So you may have noticed.) The little website that enthralls, challenges, thrills, occupies and entertains me on a diabolically consistent basis. Seems the venerable Daytrotter has done it again with two new sessions I would be remiss if I didn’t bring to your downloading attention.

The first is prolific musician Bob Mould. Yes, that Bob Mould- founding member of Husker Du and Sugar. (His real claim to fame though is writing the Daily Show theme song “Dog on Fire”.) Bob previews a number of songs from his forthcoming ANTI Records release entitled Life and Times and this one is on fire. I’m really looking forward to his new release due out on the 7th of this month. Download Here

Next up is another veteran of the music scene. Stephen Malkmus. This time Stephen isn’t promoting anything in particular but just doing what he does best- Quirky jams and wicked rock outs. The highlight might just be the unreleased "Funk 49"; Featuring the incendiary talents of Portland's Blitzen Trapper. Download Here

Speaking of which, NPR is currently hosting a show from the aforementioned Washington rockers. The quintet headlined NPR Music's day party from The Parish in Austin, Tex., on March 19th and it’s definitely a keeper. Listen and download here.

And lastly but certainly not leastly, Chicago’s favourite son’s Wilco have a performance up on Aquarium Drunkard. This time featuring their smoking hot performance on Austin City Limits from the summer of 2007. If you didn’t really like Sky Blue Sky listen to some of the songs in a live setting and you might just change your mind. Download Here

Happy downloading!


Barbara Bruederlin said...

There's always some great stuff on daytrotter, no question. I haven't been there for a while, must make the click over.

Sean Wraight said...

It really is a terrific site Barb. So many interesting things to hear and such a valuable resource. I was a huge fan of John Peel's show and sessions and this one really reminds me of those glory days. Goes a long way to explain why I like it so much.

Glad you are enjoying the greatness as well.