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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

New, Old Pixies?

I woke up yesterday with the news that the online Pixies community was abuzz over word of a possible new release from the seminal 90's quartet. News has been sketchy but I'm leaning towards a boxset collection as opposed to a brand new release. One can only hope that they want us to spend $150.99 on something we've all ready purchased two times now. ;) Gouge Away! ed.

I will update as appropriate.

UPDATE: Get out your wallets... From Pitchfork.

A box set of all their studio albums, with revamped artwork and all sorts of extra goodness. The set, available in both Limited Edition and Deluxe Edition forms, will include the band's four albums and the Come On Pilgrim EP. Vaughan Oliver and Simon Larbalestier, the photographers who shot the covers for those albums, will be in charge of the repackaging

Artwork below.


Allison said...

i'm getting tired of this reissue nonsense. sigh.

cool artwork though.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Gouge away, indeed! Who is behind all this madness anyway? I know that in Radiohead's case it was their former label (so naturally they Oxford lads are still in my good books), but what of all the others? Unleash your considerable investigatorly skills upon this trend, Sean, please.

Westcoast Walker said...

This release is a real "debaser".

As much as I adore the Pixies, I am not willing to forgo buying groceries for a week to afford a bunch of material that isn't remastered or will likely add anything new to my Pixies listening experience.

Now excuse while I go and put on my slightly scratchy and infinitely wonderful sounding old vinyl copy of "Doolittle".