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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Burning Circle

I received a note recently from a fellow blogger with a most creative proposition. At his request I am including a post linking to his idea to solicit your participation. If you enjoy sharing and listening to great music I urge you to check out the idea here.

If this does not appeal to you I bet this will.

Thanks Ted I’m looking forward to participating myself.

Circle (the first)

As I may have mentioned elsewhere, I want to start up
my own Burning Circle.

The guidelines are few, and open to negotiation. What I am interested in (and which complements my other interests) is a multicultural, global perspective on music. I’d love to be able to connect with other music snobs as far away from me as possible.

Which, specifically, would be Calgary, Alberta. Canada.

And so, if you’re interested in discovering new musical stuffs, feel free to read a
page or two. And then leave some comments, here, and let’s see if we can’t put something together. All I need is eleven good women. Or men. Or combination thereof.

Hmm? Awesome!

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Barbara Bruederlin said...

There's no need to drag Rick into this!