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Thursday, May 7, 2009

"Children by the Millions, Sing for Alex Chilton"

Big Star Reissues Due

Paul Westerberg once triumphantly exclaimed in song, “(he) never traveled far without a little Big Star” and now circumstance will dictate the same for music fans everywhere. Pitchfork is reporting that Big Star, one of the greatest bands ever in the known universe and the pride of west Tennessee, will have their first two albums re-issued by Ardent/Stax on June 16th. 'Ardent' fans will note that both albums, #1 Record and Radio City, are currently available on a single disc collection, and yes I’ve railed about these reissue opportunities previously. But this time, its different. What's really cool about this news item is that the label will also be releasing both sets individually on vinyl once again. As a music fan I must wholeheartedly endorse this format for the discerning listener. These are perfect pop records that should be in everyone’s collection. Vinyl the perfect medium for this very perfect pop music.

Be first in line for these people. You will not be disappointed.


T said...

Hey YOU! yes YOU!

Rock Plaza Central just said a tentative 'Yes to a Grooves instore.
Looks to be Thursday May 28th before the CTO show.

There I have now 'alerted the media'

talk to you - Tim

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I have to admit, they have never really been on my radar. I know, I know; don't hate me.

Westcoast Walker said...

Inspired partially by your post, I just picked up two of the Big Star reissues on vinyl - I can't wait to spin them (hence even more incentive to get my turntable in running order this weekend. It's comforting to see them both in their original format.

Sean Wraight said...

T - I will definitely officially post this information.

Barbara - Do add them to your library. Definitely one of the cornerstones in mine.

WW - That is so great to hear. I really hope you will consider a review or at least your observations on these. As far as I am concerned vinyl is definitely how these were meant to be heard!