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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I Am Trying to Break Your Bandwidth

This one might be akin to opening your Christmas presents before the big day, but June 30th is just so far off! This is your chance to hear the new Wilco album (imaginatively) titled Wilco (The Album) streaming on their website. Sure the sound quality is a little hinky and you’ll have to put up with some jerky audio but this is new Wilco and that’s just plain exciting. It’s also very good.

Soooo, what can be found on this disc, their seventh? Eleven tracks, including “Wilco (The Song)”, as heard on The Colbert Report, and “You and I”, a duet between Tweedy and Feist. And the rest:

1. Wilco (the Song)
2. Deeper Down
3. One Wing
4. Bull Black Nova
5. You and I (feat. Feist)
6. You Never Know
7. Country Disappeared
8. Solitaire
9. I'll Fight
10. Sunny Feeling
11. Everlasting

Go here to listen and gaze at the lovely album art below.


Terence Paul said...


That is probably the stupidest cover I have ever seen. I sure hope the music is better.


Allison said...

Streaming, you say...I downloaded (oops), but have yet to listen...can't wait though! :)

Allison said...

p.s. I like the cover...makes me smile.

Monkeys Mommy said...

Thank you for your knowledge! Cool beans!

Sean Wraight said...

TP - Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I love it! I find it fresh and one of the best I have seen in a while.

Allison - Glad WE share an opinion on this one. I was even considering buying this one on vinyl if only to own a larger copy of the image. I LOVE IT

MM - Anytime. An early listen indicates greatness from this one!