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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Fox Bat Strategy - New Music From David Lynch

David Lynch has always been my preferred auteur/ television producer/ film director/ quirky individual. (In an odd twist, he has also recently become my favourite weather person.) However, it’s been two recent projects that found him delving into the world of music that solidified his position in this blogger's heart.

No doubt you are aware of his notorious collaboration with Danger Mouse/Sparklehorse. The Dark Night of the Soul project has received a great deal of attention of late and will, in all likelihood never see proper release. News today then, that an original seven track album is due out made up for the disappointment of the former ‘non-release’. Fox Bat Strategy: A Tribute to Dave Jaurequi, for which Lynch wrote the lyrics and produced is now due at the end of this month. The tribute goes to the guitarist and vocalist on the album, who was a session player for Lynch’s Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me. Jaurequi passed away in 2006, and the music has sat on Lynch’s shelves since then according to Entertainment Weekly.

Dave Jaurequi was not a singer," explains Lynch. "He was a guitarist, a fantastic one, but I asked him to sing and speak these lyrics of mine, because I had a hunch that proved correct: he had great phrasing, and I love the grain of his voice....I think about him a lot, and wish we'd been able to record more than the seven songs that are on this album.
Fox Bat Strategy has some typical Lynchian qualities: the 1950s sound and a palpable attempt at innocence that somehow succeeds at being sinister... Good God, at the end of this I will probably end up liking David Lynch even more. Fox Bat Strategy comes out June 30th from ADA and David Lynch Music.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

He's right about the phone, you know.

Dark Night of the Soul sounded so incredible, I'm still hoping for a miracle that will see it released. Dude's got good taste in music, no question, so this tribute should be well worth checking into.

But no matter how awesome David Lynch's hair is, I will still never forgive him for Eraserhead.

Dale said...

I'm with Barbara on the Eraserhead, it's hard to forgive anything about that, expect for the poster which I did like. This should be a really interesting release though.

Sean Wraight said...

Barbara - I have heard it Barbara and it really is inspired. What a shame that it will be relegated to the confines of hard drives and low bit rate mp3's. It's wonderful and should be heard.

I remember seeing Eraserhead for the first time and being afraid to even proffer an opinion. Up to that point I tended to "get" movies. Not that one, not in a million years.

Dale - Looks like its unanimous... The three of us won't be standing in line at Best Buy when they release Eraserhead on BluRay.