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Thursday, June 4, 2009

I Love the Smell of Vinyl in the Morning

Wilco, Modest Mouse to Release New Singles for Vinyl Saturday

Feeling a little blue since Record Store Day ended and you weren’t able to secure a copy of that elusive Jay Reatard/ Sonic Youth split single? Regretfully dear reader I can’t help you with that one but there is cause to get you excited about exclusive vinyl records all over again.

Put away the Xanax Pedro, the fine folks behind Record Store Day aren't going to wait another year to celebrate the black circle. Record stores need all the help they can get these days, and some of our favourite bands still have unheard material awaiting anxious ears. This just in music fans - June 20th will mark the first Vinyl Saturday, a new event from the Record Store Day people.

Like Record Store Day, Vinyl Saturday will involve a whole lot of bands releasing exclusive material to independent record stores. This time around, Wilco and Modest Mouse have jumped on board with exclusive releases.

Modest Mouse will release the second in their planned series of singles. According to Pitchfork this one will feature "Autumn Beds" b/w "Whale Song". The first 7" in the series, "Satellite Skin" b/w "Guilty Cocker Spaniels", is out now.

As for Wilco, Each Note Secure reports that they'll offer a 7" of the Wilco (The Album) track "You Never Know", with the unreleased song "Unlikely Japan" on the B-side. ("Unlikely Japan" is an early version of the Sky Blue Sky track "Impossible Germany". )

Other exclusives include a 7" from the forthcoming Scarlett Johansson/Pete Yorn duets album Break Up (with a Yorn solo demo on the b-side) and a limited edition 7" of Green Day's "Know Your Enemy”.

Other artists scheduled to release exclusives include: Al Green, Earth, Patterson Hood, The Woggles, Those Darlins & Wolves in the Throne Room. I will update this list as others are announced.

Vinyl Saturday June 20th, 2009 - Get out there and support your favourite record store and artists!
Thanks Jen!


Blair Whatmore said...

You never fail to impress me with your up to the minute news bulletins Sean. Very exciting stuff. A couple years ago I picked up a stack of Beatles picture sleeve 7 inches for dirt cheap at a garage sale. I remember promising myself "You're not going to start collecting 45's, there's too many, it'll get too confusing." And now hear i am, with boxes full of "little records", unable to remember what i own and do not own, and these wonderful record store day people keep making it harder and harder.
God bless em.

jen said...

Those Darlins are giving a pair of Blublockers to Those who buy the vinyl.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

One of the stores here is holding an all you can carry sale. You pay a nominal price ($10 or something) for all the records you can carry, but you have to first demonstrate you can carry them. Could prove entertaining at the very least.