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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Riceboy Sleeps and Apparently Cooks As Well

Riceboy Sleeps, the side project of Sigur Ros singer/guitarist Jon Thor "Jonsi" Birgisson and his partner Alex Somers released their self-titled debut album only a month ago and today word that another collaborative effort has all ready transpired. This one though decidedly more epicurean. The creatuve duo has produced a cookbook called The Good Heart Recipe Book. Initially created as a 2007 holiday gift for their friends and family, they've now made it available for free in PDF format on their website.

The book includes raw food recipes like Jonsi and Alex's Thai coconut curry, noodle rainbow miso soup, and the ‘gastro-alliterate’ Macadamia Monster Mash. There is even an accompanying video for the former that demonstrates how to prepare it posted here.

I suppose if their day job of creating some of the most beautiful music on the planet doesn’t pan out the two will now have something to fall back on. Mind you their latest musical effort is positively stunning. The nine-track, 68-minute album was recorded in Iceland and performed entirely on acoustic instruments. Riceboy Sleeps includes contributions from longtime Sigur Ros string collaborators Amiina and the Kopavogsdaetur Choir.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

Don't forget the teeny-weeny olive oil over!

That video clip for preparing the macadamia monster mash was utterly adorable. If a raw food diet give me the voice of an angel, too, I would turf my stove out the window tomorrow.

Sean Wraight said...

Barbara -

I've tossed mine all ready. My South Bjork diet started today!