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Friday, August 21, 2009

We Call Upon the Author

Nick Cave will be in Toronto next month but this time he’ll be leaving the Bad Seeds on the tour bus. The prolific singer/ songwriter/ author will be there to sign copies of The Death Of Bunny Munro, his second novel. He’ll be in Ottawa the next day to do the same thing.

Cave will be at Indigo Books in Toronto's Eaton Centre on Sept. 16th at 7 p.m. to discuss The Death Of Bunny Munro with Explore Music and 102.1 The Edge's Alan Cross. A signing and question and answer session will follow afterwards. Cave will make an appearance at Ottawa's Saint Brigid's Centre for the Arts and Humanities to discuss the book on the 17th.

I had blogged about Cave’s latest artistic foray earlier this year and the venture is certainly not a new direction for him. The Death of Bunny Munro is Cave's first novel since 1989's And The Ass Saw The Angel. The new novel is reportedly about a man who heads to England after his wife commits suicide and, yes, meets his own death. The book will be released Sept. 4th through HarperCollins.

Cave released his first book, King Ink, a collection of his lyrics and plays, in 1988. It was followed by And The Ass Saw The Angel, and King Ink's second installment was released in 1997. Cave and his former Bad Seeds bandmate Warren Ellis also wrote the scores for an Icelandic production of Georg Buchner's 1879 play, Woyzeck, and a stage version of Franz Kafka's existentialist classic, The Metamorphosis.
Autograph seekers and overeager Birthday Party fans take note: Cave will be signing only copies of his new book at these events.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

But of course there are those out there who would take the "leave the Birthday Party album at home" message as a challenge. I wonder what Mr Cave would do if handed a cd to sign? Once the copy of the new novel had been signed, of course.

Westcoast Walker said...

Thanks for posting this Sean, I didn't realize that Cave had a new novel out.

I read his first novel in my last year of high school and loved it - it's like taking an indepth journey into one of his songs, similiar themes, though more to explore and soak in. I have always thought that many of his songs, especially with the narrative approached he embraces, function as great stand alone tales. Cave has credibility as a writer, and this should be a fun read.

Dale said...

I didn't know he wrote 'that way'. Interesting. Mr. Cave is definitely multi-talented and I loved his work on The Proposition and his soundtracks.