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Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Hardest Working Man in Show Business

Thom Yorke to Release "The Hollow Earth" Next Month

Radiohead frontman and red pants wearer Thom Yorke recently hinted that the band is not currently planning to release another album conventionally.

He went on to elaborate that he still had a lot of time for the album as an “artform”, but explained that to release another batch of songs in that format would "kill" Radiohead.

"None of us want to go into that creative hoo-ha of a long-play record again. Not straight off," he told The Believer magazine.

"I mean, it's just become a real drag. It worked with [2007 album] 'In Rainbows' because we had a real fixed idea about where we were going. But we've all said that we can't possibly dive into that again. It'll kill us."
Yorke added that Radiohead "need to get away" from releasing albums in the traditional format. (Observant readers will note two brand new Radiohead songs have recently surfaced and prove Thom to be a man of his word.)

And now information about another actual physical release, a solo, next month has been uncovered. Exclaim Magazine’s Brock Thiessen made contact with a source at beloved Sonic Unyon distributors who confirmed a limited 12-inch of two new Thom Yorke songs, “Apart By Horses” and “The Hollow Earth,” to be released on September 22nd. The release, by ATO’s TBD Records, is limited to only 4,000 copies in North America, 4,000 in Europe, and 300 in Canada. That in mind, you may want to get pre-order in now.

Presently, insider speculatation is that one or both of these new Yorke songs are his contribution to the forthcoming New Moon soundtrack.

Great news indeed from an artist who continues to break new ground with every step he takes.

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Barbara Bruederlin said...

Not that I would ever wish the breakup of Radiohead (it's the stuff of nightmares, after all) but the solo work by band members has really been outstanding to date, and brings hope for a world beyond the band, should that ever happen. I'm also quite interested to hear Phil's upcoming solo work.