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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Oh! Before I Forget

Record Store Day has come and gone and if said sacred high holy day left you a little drained in the pocketbook rest easy dear reader, your next, very affordable music fix is here at last. London, Ontario's Second Annual Oh! Fest is now only a day away and the schedule is full. It’s also pretty amazing.

Please plan to attend. This is a must not miss!

All shows are ALL AGES and wheelchair accessible. Evening shows are AA and licensed.

Tickets on sale at Grooves Records, the Village Idiot and InfoSource (UWO).
Weekend passes on sale at Grooves.

A weekend pass is $27 and it includes:
1) a HAND LETTERPRESSED pass, which gets you into all the events
2) a hand letterpressed program with the schedule
3) a limited edition oh! fest pin.

NOTE: There are a limited number of weekend passes available so get them soon!


DAY 1, April 22:

4pm: @ Grooves Records (353 Clarence Street)
The CFL Sessions (London)
Jon Mckiel (Halifax)

8:30pm: @ Museum London (421 Ridout Street N)
The Acorn (Ottawa)
Olenka and the Autumn Lovers (London)
Cousins (Halifax)

DAY 2, April 23:

4pm: @ Grooves (353 Clarence Street)
The Whipping Wind (London)
Kite Hill (Toronto)

8:30pm: @ The Forest City Gallery (258 Richmond Street)
$100 (Toronto)
Handsome Dan and his Gallimaufry (London)
Evening Hymns (Toronto)

DAY 3, April 24:

2pm: @ The McManus Theatre (Below the Grand; 471 Richmond Street)
The Wooden Sky (Toronto)
The Wilderness of Manitoba (Toronto)
Sam Allen (London)

8:30pm: @ Call the Office (216 York Street)
The D'Urbervilles (Guelph/Toronto)
A Horse and His Boy (London)
Say Domino (London)
P.S. I Love You (Kingston)

1 comment:

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I knew I should have invested in that Clonomatic 5000 when I had the chance! Regretting that oversight now.

Do take in as much of Oh! Fest as is humanly possible. I will expect a report on my desk on Monday.