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Monday, March 28, 2011

``All I know is what I read in the papers”

With the surprise appearance of Radiohead‘s eighth LP The King of Limbs released last month, fans across around the world have downloaded, listened to, blogged about, critiqued, remixed and shared said release... But for those audiophiles and Radiohead completists who prefer a physical copy, tomorrow (March 29th) is the day tbd records releases the album on CD and LP in North America.

Accompanying the physical release of The King of Limbs is a free newspaper entitled The Universal Sigh, which will be handed out on Tuesday at select record stores while supplies last. The curious can check out a .pdf version of the newspaper now available via New Zealand music website The newspaper consists of short stories and pictures centered around the forest, with artist and longtime Radiohead collaborator Stanley Donwood among the contributors.

News today as well that Radiohead are set to release two new songs on limited-edition vinyl next month. The band will release 'Supercollider' and 'The Butcher' on a seven-inch vinyl single on Record Store Day, April 16th, reports fansite

The two songs are previously-unreleased, although the former has been played by the band live before. Get this one if you can as there are only going to be 2,000 copies of the single pressed.


Tony said...

That bloke peddling the papers could use a bath.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

I'm a little annoyed that those of us who pre-ordered the album actually have to wait for several months longer than the masses. Harumph.

The Mad Hatter said...

Skipped over to Dundas Square here in the city and grabbed myself a copy of The Universal Sigh. They were handing 'em out on the street corner like flyers. (Decent sized queue to get one too!).

After people were given their copy they were asked to pose for a photo holding it up (Which I did with a smile). Not entirely sure what that's about...perhaps something for the band's website.