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Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Art of the Mix

I have a real soft spot for the art of the mix.  Those perfect compendiums of music drawn of diversity and pure passion.  TheLateNightTales series of compilations has long been a favourite of mine with one-of-a-kind playlists assembled by a diverse array of some of the most compelling artists making music including:  The Flaming Lips, Air, Belle and Sebastian, Arctic Monkeys, Four Tet and many more.  The list is a long one but it’s also a great one.  The results being some very compelling and enjoyable listening.  The compilation series has lined up yet another groundbreaking act to curate the next entry in the series: MGMT. Their compilation arrives on October 3rd, and it features tracks from people like the Velvet Underground, Felt, Suicide, Spacemen 3, and Disco Inferno. It also features an exclusive MGMT track: The band's cover of the Bauhaus song "All We Ever Wanted Was Everything".  Check out the compilation's diverse track listing below.  

LateNightTales: MGMT
01 Disco Inferno: "Can't See Through It"
02 The Great Society: "Love You Girl"
03 Suicide: "Cheree"
04 Television Personalities: "Stop and Smell the Roses"
05 The Velvet Underground: "Ocean"
06 Felt: "Red Indians"
07 Julian Cope: "Laughing Boy"
08 Durutti Column: "For Belgium Friends"
09 Charlie Feathers: "Mound of Clay"
10 Mark Fry: "For Wilde"
11 MGMT: "All We Ever Wanted Was Everything" (Bauhaus Cover)
12 Cheval Sombre: "Troubled Mind"
13 Dave Bixby: "Drug Song"
14 The Jacobites: "Hearts Are Like Flowers"
15 The Chills: "Pink Frost"
16 Martin Rev: "Sparks"
17 The Wake: "Melancholy Man"
18 Spacemen 3: "Lord Can You Hear Me?"
19 Pauline Anna Strom: "Morning Splendor"
20 Paul Morley: "Lost for Words Part 2"

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