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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Wilco on Saturday Night Live

If you perused my Best Music of 2007 compendium you would have seen I included Wilco’s sublime, Sky Blue Sky in the list. Since it’s release last Spring I have grown to love the album from start to finish. A true rarity for “Gen -I’ers”* with bi-shuffle disorder. (But I digress, we’ll save that for another days blog topic…) Dear readers, please set your PVR’s; the band are going to be on Saturday Night Live this Saturday night (March 1st) playing live of course- with guest host and Canadian “it” girl, Ellen Page.

I guarantee a stellar performance, Jeff Tweedy and Company have never let me down performing in a live environment. This is where they truly shine. Who know’s, perhaps they'll work Monsieur Tweedy into a sketch a la Michael Stipe’s appearance as a silvery Christmas sprite several years back.

We sure do miss you Mango!

*My apologies to Douglas Coupland but every generation deserves its own letter now.

1 comment:

Scott said...

Yikes... Tweedy in shiny pink hot pants? Now that's an image I'll be working hard to scrub from my mind!