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Monday, February 25, 2008

"Wow, That Guy Is Soooo Arrogant."

Did you happen to watch the 80th annual Academy Awards ceremony last night? The show I just can't seem to miss provided some wonderful "moments" that absolutely transcended the usual mundanities. Jon Stewart's retort to Glen Hansard's heartfelt Oscar speech last night was one such moment and was one of the funniest comments of the evening. The surprise win however, by Hansard and Marketa Irglova was one of the evening's magical moments; their performance of "Falling Slowly" perhaps even moreso. And how classy was that when Marketa Irglova was brought back to say a few words after being curtly edited to commercial. That must have been a first.

Once is a magical film that I can not recommend enough. Last night's Oscar win for best Original Song, truly the icing on the cake. I urge anyone to seek out and buy this DVD. Buy the soundtrack too, you will understand exactly what I mean.


tercumenette said...


tercumenette said...


Beth said...

Wasn't it a great moment??? Did you notice how excited Laura Linney was as they accepted the award?

Sean Wraight said...

Hi Beth,

I did notice. I was thrilled with that award. It certainly made up for past Oscar misdeeds that bypassed Aimee Mann and Elliot Smith. And just for the record... Laura Linney deserves an Oscar too. The woman is amazing.