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Friday, June 20, 2008

The Best Music of 2008 So Far

Everything is Plagiarism, Plagiarism is Everything – If it’s good enough to do it once, do it again and again… Not exactly a meme and certainly not original rather we’ll call this a continuation of an idea. LOL Listz if you will. Thank you once again to our lead in the West, Barbara the Bad Tempered Zombie for planting the seed.

This list contains the new music that has most engaged me for the first six months of this year. The stuff that I love and I know will ultimately appear on my Year End List.

Without further adieu my top 11 (just to be different) best cd’s of 2008 so far.

1. Rook – Shearwater

A refined effort that exceeds its predecessor Palo Alto in scope; An epic cd with subtleties that reveal themselves with every listen.

2. Fleet Foxes - Fleet Foxes

I love this record because it takes me to another time. Appalachian roots channeling the Band with a refreshing new spin. This is THE one to watch this year.

3. Dig!!! Lazarus Dig!!! - Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds

This is a record with attitude. Remember last year’s Grinderman record? This is the logical extension with a superior swagger.

4. Lie Down In The Light - Bonnie "Prince" Billy

In 1999 Will Oldham’s I See a Darkness was one of my favourites. This is its antithetical twin. Wonderful stuff.

5. Lookout Mountain, Lookout Sea - Silver Jews

David Berman has finally made a record that I love from start to finish. Nary a misstep here.

6. Hold On Now, Youngster… - Los Campesinos!

Everyone needs a fun cd throughout the year and this is it. With energy to spare Los Compesinos will keep you moving. Like the Ramones without the leather jackets, goofy hair, electric guitars, New York attitude or inhaled solvents.

7. In Ghost Colours - Cut Copy

Think Depeche Mode without the artificial heart. A beautiful, sonic wall of dance music that will breathe life into you.

8. Third – Portishead

So dark and so well worth the wait. Not content to rest on their laurels this one is just as stunning as their debut.

9. Trouble In Dreams – Destroyer

Whenever I listen to this record I think of the best of 1970’s California pop. I hear Fleetwood Mac, I hear Todd Rundgren, and I hear Jackson Browne. Dan Bejar may elicit the sentimental in me but his voice is a distinct and endearing one.

10. April/ Nights - Sun Kil Moon/ Mark Kozelek

A true artistic achievement in writing. Kozelek has made the best record of his career. Relationships dissected and distilled into these compelling tracks.

11. Parc Avenue - Plants and Animals

Montreal’s own, Plants and Animals have made a beautiful debut rock record that would be regarded as a high water mark for any band. More subtleties are revealed with every listen.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

What a fine list! I have been curious about the new Silver Jews. I shall certainly have to look into it. As well as some of the others that we (surprisingly) don't share.

And I love how you have made me into a lol cat! hahahaha!

Sean Wraight said...

Hello LOLBarb,

Glad you enjoyed the list. And yes, a tad subjective but that is the best part. I am CERTAIN it will change as the year progresses. My definitiveness is starting to catch up with my fickleness.

We'll keep comparing notes!

Take Care,