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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Under the Covers (with Emm and Danny)

I have always had a certain fascination with cover songs; One artist reinterpreting another’s work to make said piece their own or in some cases simply to rehash the tried and true. Leave it to venerable CBC Radio to expand on the theme and make a great show of it.

Under The Covers - Your chance to hear the greatest cover songs on the planet! From 60's soul to indie rock, bluegrass to rock n' roll, you'll be surprised by the stories behind many of your favourite songs.
Danny Michel and Emm Gryner find out what's behind the new trend of "instant covers", examine how cover song duets can change relationships, and get the scoop on how musicians really feel about their work getting covered.

Emm Gryner and Danny Michel (above) are two of Canada's most acclaimed indie musicians, who also happen to be huge fans of cover songs. Danny loves David Bowie so much he released an entire album of Bowie covers (Loving the Alien) back in 2004. And Emm Gryner covered some of her favourite heavy metal and punk songs on her Juno-nominated album, Girl Versions.

Air Times
On Radio 1 Saturdays at 9 pm (6 AT, 6:30 NT)
On Sirius 137 Saturdays at 2 pm


Barbara Bruederlin said...

That's a tough time to catch a radio show, but it will be a good one. I'm partial to covers myself. All time favourite - William Shatner's version of Common People.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Oh! Also Easy Star All Star's cover of Climbing Up the Walls. That's a close second.

Sean Wraight said...

Hello Sled Island Barb,

One thing that has been really fascinating me of late is Adem's new release called Takes. It's all covers and it is all really great. Everyone from Aphex Twin to Bjork to PJ Harvey. Basically something for everyone.

Highly recommended.