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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Your Weekly Download Lowdown

Girl Talk - Feed the Animals

Greg Gillis, a.ka. Girl Talk’s new album Feed the Animals is now up for download on the Illegal Art Website. The download is being offered too using that Radiohead band model of paying whatever amount listeners deem worthy,(even if they wish to pay nothing). It should be noted though, Girl Talk does have some incentives if you do choose to pay, The download variants are as follows: Five dollars gets you the digital FLAC files and a seamless mix of the album, while ten bucks will get you that and a physical copy of Feed the Animals when they become available in September. For ten thousand dollars Girl Talk will come to your bedroom and recreate the album up close and personal and then make you breakfast.*

Please note, if you choose to download the album without payment you’re met with a series of options of why you decided not to offer some capital investment; basically an attempt to make you confront your own searing download guilt. My cursory listen of album reveals a much more focused and flowing effort when compared to Gillis’ previous stellar effort Night Ripper. Avril Lavigne, Kanye West, Rod Stewart, and even Procol Harum all get dropped in the mix and so far this Girl Talk is totally intoxicating.

Move over John Oswald, there’s a new kid in town.

* Blogger imaginations are a wonderful thing.

Spoon - Underdogs And Their Old Tricks Of Brilliancy

I won’t spoil this one with unnecessary verbiage. All I can say is to head over to our good friends at Daytrotter for an absolutely free download, sans any semblance of guilt. The mighty Spoon have recorded a session the includes a stunning Paul Simon cover of Peace Like a River.

Mmmmmm, sublime.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

I've been hearing some great buzz about Girl Talk. I will certainly take a listen - so thanks for the link.

Sean Wraight said...

Hey Barb,

If you can find it, you should try to pick up Night Ripper. As a music fan I think you'll enjoy hearing source songs manipulated in interesting and complex ways. Paul McCartney, Smashing Pumpkins, James Taylor... It's all pretty amazing stuff.


amityb said...

Wow that Paul Simon cover is done so well, new favorite song! I can't wait to hear the new Girl Talk. Thanks Sean!

Sean Wraight said...

You are very welcome Amity. It really is a standout on this session. You will love the new Girl Talk as well. Highly recommended if he plays in the Bay area. It will be one to remember. You can count on it.

Take care,

Phronk said...

I'm listening to Girl Talk right now. Never heard of him before, but I'm loving it. Reminds me a bit of Jive Bunny and the Master Mixers from the 80s. :)

And thanks for the heads up on the Spoon them too, so I can't pass up a free download.

Sean Wraight said...

Hello phronk,

I love your comparison to Jive Bunny and the Master Mixers... That has got to be a first for Girl Talk. Very astute on your part!

Glad you like the Spoon too. Check around too, there's a tonne of great sessions on there.