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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

God-botherers and 3oclockreeps

I really loved Carl Wilson’s excellent interview featuring David Berman / Silver Jews in yesterday’s edition of the Globe and Mail. Even better Zoilus (Carl’s website) has posted the complete email transcript of his interview with Berman that went into Tuesday’s piece. David Berman is a talented artist with a lot of insight into a wide range of topics.

My generation doesn't have 'following' skills. The younger generations, growing up in a more enlightened world perhaps, are team thinkers. My belief is that the next twenty years will be the story of what the adults (us) and the young adults (people born after 1980) do to recover from the damage that this exceptionally stupid and selfish generation of Republicans, businessmen and God-botherers has inflicted.
Interesting stuff… I encourage all of you to head over to Zoilus for some compelling reading.

Silver Jews are currently on tour to promote their excellent Lookout Mountain, Lookout Sea release on Drag City Records.

And it looks like Paul Westerberg’s recent prolific streak is continuing. Yet more new product has surfaced and its pretty great. 3oclockreep is a similar creation to the earlier 49:00 - Like the former his new release plays like bits of odds and ends with a few songs that do come through. But the real curious thing is the appearance of Tom Waits at about the halfway mark. The two of them banter back and forth a bit before settling in on an attempt to do the Replacements’ gorgeous b-side “We Know the Night". The results seem a little haphazard at first but end up with a stunning bluesy take to end it. This is exactly the stuff that made me fall in love with the music of Paul Westerberg. The fact that this time he brought Tom Waits along for the ride makes it even more engaging. It’s so nice to see Paul knocking them out of the park yet again.

A Sad Footnote: Former Replacements Drummer Steve Foley Has Died


Sad news... Steve Foley, who played drums with the Replacements at the tail end of their career, died last weekend in Minneapolis. He was 49. According to local media reports, Foley died after accidentally overdosing on prescription medication.

The 1990 selection of Foley, who played in such Minneapolis bands as Curtiss A, Wheelo and Snaps, as the substitute for original Replacements drummer Steve Foley has become the stuff of legend.

According to Jim Walsh's oral history "All Over But the Shouting," frontman Paul Westerberg and bassist Tommy Stinson bumped into Foley at a local bar and procured a ride from him to an audition. In the car was a copy of the brand new Replacements album "All Shook Down," prompting Westerberg and Stinson to look at each other and then exclaim to Foley, "You're already in."

Foley then toured with the band until its final show on July 4, 1991, in Chicago's Grant Park. Afterward, he and his brother Kevin joined Stinson's band Bash & Pop. Of late, he was working as a car salesman in Minneapolis.

I met Steve on the Replacements swan song tour and he was a very sweet guy. More than happy to oblige with an autograph and some friendly conversation. My condolences go out to Steve's family and friends.

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Barbara Bruederlin said...

It's very sad about Steve Foley - that's far too young.

It is nice to see that Silver Jews are touring. I haven't listened to their new release yet, but they always have the most interesting offerings.