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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Your Weekly Download Lowdown

Ponderous Odes To Friendship And Uncertain Futures

Over the past few months I have purchased a few records* I could not immediately get my head around. Wherein, certain aspects of the music resonated with me but for the most part the content could best be termed as ‘difficult’. But, as is so often is the case, time has remedied these ‘difficulties’ and my opinions have been tempered, in some cases significantly. Thus emerging a common theme of this week’s Download Lowdown. - The Difficult Ones That Now Make a Great Deal of Sense (TDOTNMGDS).

First up, Scotland’s Frightened Rabbit deliver a passionate session on Daytrotter. Combining unique songwriting with distinctive delivery and the results will leave you hooked. Their brand of quirky folk/ rock so very suited to the Daytrotter mystique. It will make you laugh, it will make you cry and just about everything in between.

Next up from Syracuse, New York -Ra Ra Riot. You will love the rousing vocals of Wes Miles on this session, the music just as uplifting, at times even magnetic. What seemed contradictory at first now makes complete sense. This band is quickly becoming a favourite this year. This energetic Daytrotter set, a must.

Lastly, and the one that doesn’t quite fit the theme this week is a live concert recording from Radioheads recent North American jaunt. The Santa Barbara concert is the final show of the “In Rainbows” tour from August 28th (and was previously webcast by the band.) With more than a few pleasant surprises this one is well worth your bandwidth. Radiohead fire on every creative cylinder in concert and this is a pleasant reminder of that. Superb. Register with our friends at NPR to allow a permanent download to your favourite digital listening device.

* For the record, all of my music purchases are generally referred to as ‘records’. This is a throwback to the gentle days of my youth as an ardent consumer of vinyl. Today my medium of choice is still the compact disc however music in any format is eagerly collected.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

I;m not familiar with Frightened Rabbit, but I am a sucker for Scottish bands, so I will certainly be heading over to check them out. It's the accent and the sassy attitude.

And I agree that the Radiohead download is well worth it. Upon listening I actually found the audio only version to be better than the webcast, but that could have something to do with bandwith and stuff I don't fully understand.

bloody awful poetry said...

Anything Scottish, like kilts and James McAvoy, is totally fine with me as well. It's the accent as well. It DOES things to you. Somebody should run a scientific study on the Scot accent.

And love the new blog colours! It makes the page look..happier. Is this a reflection of your mood as well?

Sean Wraight said...


I think you will enjoy Frightened Rabbit. I think I finally get them. (At long last!) You are in for a treat. They have a live ep coming out any day now that you should seek out.


All things Scottish for you too huh? I'll have to dedicate a post someday to just that considering the fans that at least read this 'blahg'.

And yes, the colours have been changed, thank you for noticing. I think you might be on to something as well... It may very well have to do with a change in my mood. Hard to fully explain but yes, the colours do fit.

Hope you managed to get your downloading issues figured out. This stuff is pretty great and you should really be hearing it.

Take care.


Westcoast Walker said...

Grrreat - I always appreciate a new musical recommendation and will give the Rabbits a spin for sure.

Nice site here as well - right back at ya!