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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Peter Buck’s Rickenbacker Stolen

It happened to Sonic Youth… I even blogged about it when the Stooges lost theirs, but this time it’s personal. From REMHQ -

As we reported late last night Peter's guitar went missing from the Finnair Stadium in Helsinki, Finland. Though the guitar has not yet been located, there is an active investigation and we are all hopeful that the guitar will eventually be returned. We still would like to hear from anyone with information which could assist us, which may be shared anonymously if desired:

Email information to or phone (001) 706 353-6689...

Finally, we are hopeful that the guitar will eventually be found. After all, one of band's most beloved bootlegs was from Boston in July of 1983 at The Paradise, called "Return of the Rickenbacker" (a few songs from which were included on the 2006 retrospective, "The Best of the IRS Years,")
Some of the most important music of my life was recorded using this instrument. I’ve even been lucky enough to hear it played live over eight times. (The last time pictured above.) Peter Buck must be absolutely devastated by this. So much of the group’s trademark sound is tied up in this prized Rickenbacker and for someone to foolishly make off with it is a real pisser.

Definitely not a fan.

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Barbara Bruederlin said...

The bastards! It's becoming disturbing, the regularity with which this is happening lately. Almost as though these were planned, rather than just opportunistic.