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Friday, December 12, 2008

Miroir Noir – The Arcade Fire to Release Documentary DVD

Ahhhhhh Canadian winters; Lots of snow, lots of rain, lots of ice, lots of salt stains and lots of tears. All right the last one is my own addition and my own personal demon. I wrestle with it annually. (I really, really dislike winter you see.) Alas, I digress but thankfully some respite from the snow and winds came in the guise of this recent news. Seems the members of the Arcade Fire are bracing for a cold winter in Montreal, where they are contemplating the follow up to their hugely successful Neon Bible album. (I think I just figured out the concept behind “Keep the Car Running”). Unfortunately for fans there are no current tour dates scheduled for the band, but anyone looking for a memento from their most last international trek is in luck.

A new Arcade Fire website, Miroir Noir, has just been launched, and it’s set to feature exclusive clips from the Neon Bible tour. At the present time there’s just a brief clip on the site, but a 70-minute DVD documentary on the album and tour (also titled Miroir Noir) will be available for purchase on Monday December 15th). The live footage was all shot by Vincent Moon, who is known for his innovative work on the Blogotheque website and recently The National and R.E.M.

Oh and a note to Arcade Fire… Potential song title alert, “Keep the Jumper Cables Ready”.

Yep, it’s gonna be a cold winter…


Barbara Bruederlin said...

hahaha "keep the jumper cables ready". I am sure they are working on the arrangement for that as we speak.

Allison said...

Very good news! I will have to watch them at some point.

Twas feeling Arcade Fire-like earlier, but for their old stuff. :)

Sean Wraight said...

BARBARA- That's me, always at the ready with the next potential number one!

ALLISON- One must always make time in their life for Arcade Fire. I can't wait to hear something new. Did you notice they were being played in the background of the trailer for Benjamin Button? It was perfect!

Anonymous said...

Can you put it on my list?


Sean Wraight said...

M- All right then... Guess I'll be taking your iSmell back then.