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Friday, December 12, 2008

Sooo Kid A… You Wanna Be In Rainbows?

UPDATE: No luck on being able to widgetize and download your edit. It is still an interesting exercise mind you. I'll keep working on it.

And for the record, I think it was this guy that had the idea first.

Well kind of.

I have to admit, I’ve been a little starved for Radiohead content of late. Probably because they were virtual fixtures in my posts this time last year. I happened upon this tonight and I think it’s well worth a few moments of your time. Japanese TV station WOWOW has a feature on their site that lets you mix a video of a live Radiohead performance from the Saitama Super Stadium leg of their 2008 Japanese tour. A set of quite aesthetic data visualizations accompanies this online music video mix tool.

The video interface allows you to choose from 12 colour-coded cameras to record your own "rainbow" (the song 15 Step is the opening track from Radiohead's In Rainbows album). You can then play back your edit by clicking and dragging the playhead in the timeline, or view charts of the most popular shots (click on the two buttons on the right side. There's some impressive juggling going on behind the scenes to keep the video playing as you hop from camera to camera. So this is your turn to be the director. Play around a little, it’s kind of fun. I couldn't figure out if there was a way to watch other people's edits or to share your edit, so if you figure it out let me know.


katrocket said...

So very very cool. I'm gonna check it out - thanks Sean.

God, I LOVE Radiohead.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Thank you for keeping us informed on the state of the red pants. These are things we must know.

I did see this the other day, started to download it and then ran out of time. But I will definitely go back and play with it when time allows. Perhaps even today!

I would love to see your video, so if you do find out how to share, lets.

Westcoast Walker said...

Thanks for providing another avenue for endless slacking on a cold Canadian (almost winter) day.

bloody awful poetry said...

OOh nice! Will check it out. It has finally occurred to me that Matt Bellamy (of Muse) has been ripping off the red pants fad from Thom. I feel betrayed.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

BAP, you KNOW Matt Bellamy wants to be Thom. Not that I blame him.

But I didn't come back to start a flame war. I got all excited because I was able to attach the widget for the video that I mixed on my blog, but sadly my excitement was shortlived, as it only takes you to the Wowow site, and not actually to the video. And my non-existent Japanese does not allow me to navigate the site. sigh.

Sean Wraight said...

KATROCKET- Great to hear of another Radiohead fan in the ethers... Admittedly the site is a little confusing. (My Japanese is not up to par.) Still worth a look though. Thanks for dropping by.

BARBARA- Indeed. SOTRP (State of the Red Pants) should be the goal for all of us this holiday season.
Please note the updated clarification I've posted. Let the flaming red pants war commence! ;-)

WESTCOAST WALKER- Not a problem Matthew. One must do their civic duty and this is my little attempt. (Sure beats Christmas shopping too!)

BAP- This whole red pants thing is taking on a life of its own. Good thing too. I've found evidence that Mr. Yorke actually stole the idea from Mr. Westerberg.

BARBARA- We all want to be Thom Yorke in our own little way.