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Monday, December 15, 2008

Oh Brother Where Art Thou Sisterhood of the Travelling Red Pants?

To Barbara, the Bad Tempered Zombie, my most sincere blogger apologies. I erroneously reported that Thom Yorke (of Radiohead fame) had “borrowed” the red pants "2008 fashion statement" from the Paul Westerberg "2005 "fashion statement". The tale got even more convoluted when Bloody Awful Poetry stated that Matt Bellamy frontman of Muse had stolen the look from Thom Yorke.

Confusing? Indeed. But I’ve sorted this out once and for all… We all know Thom, Paul, Matt and Jack would never have been so forward thinking without this fashion statement in 1981.

So thank you Mike Reno from Loverboy! We all owe YOU a big thanks for the red pants. Seems pretty clear to me. You can go after the others for royalties now.

**Uh oh Update - The hazy red pants plot continues. S'cuse me while I kiss this guy. (Thank you John Mutford)


Anonymous said...

Your little link on the collage is a little naughty there blogger boy!


Barbara Bruederlin said...

Is it wrong that I look at that Loverboy picture and think "nice manicure"? Okay I guess that's not all I think.

Bit 'tis good to know that once again it's a Canadian who is the most forward thinking when it comes to establishing musical genres, this one being forever known as the song of the red pants.

Nice bit of investigative reporting there, my friend. Continue using those powers for good over evil (despite the slightly riske video link).

Sean Wraight said...

k- Consider that surreptitious linkage a little Christmas bonus my friend. (Just don't tell my Mom)

BARBARA- It's kind of strange that that alBUM cover has become such an iconic one. I recall very well people strolling the hallways of my high school with that one planted in their arms. The fact that it's Canadian, now a badge of honour. (A Canuckian "Sticky Fingers" if truth be told.)

And only the truly scrutinizing music fan would note the manicure. Well done!

Oh and the hidden video? My brother in law lives for prurient output such as that. (Now we'll have something to talk about over Christmas dinner!)


John Mutford said...

It was Hendrix.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Oh Jimi, they still don't play like you or wear pants like you yet!

Allison said...

I love the title of this post, and heart Thom in those pants.

Glad you solved the mystery!

Sean Wraight said...

JOHN- Thank you for delving even further into the mystery. I suspect if I look any further I might just find a picture of Elvis prancing around in some ruby coloured trousers.

BARB- Indeed. Jimi was one of a kind. No wonder he was so amazing on guitar, look at the size of those mitts!

ALLISON- Well thank you my friend. I rather love a clever post title. Almost as fun as the preposterous tag or nefarious hidden link. And yes, I think we can now put this mystery to bed.