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Saturday, January 31, 2009

I Won’t Get to Get What I’m After

Great Google-y moogly… Who would have thought that Search Engine Keyword Analysis would be so much fun. So much fun in fact I have to share it with you. Always curious to see how you find me on the web. I’ve listed some of my recent favourites.

he knows you dont really know him. He knows you dont really care to see him

but you dont care for music do you shrek

no life guitar hero

the song meaning of "Strange Overtones"

london ontario leatherpants

kitty christmas letter

tokin' black guy

pop pop in your face

road salt stains on bottom of pants legs

Zooey Deschanels underwear

loverboy mike reno red pants picture

inexpert love

is having a palpable liver a bad thing?

president bush and happy meal toys

I considered commentary for each but I think I’ll let the keywords speak for themselves. The question does remain though… is having a palpable liver a bad thing? Apparently Everything is Pop readers want to know.


eric .5 b said...

I would much rather have a loveable liver.

Allison said...

Haha! These are great. I think my favourites are "London Ontario Leatherpants" and "Inexpert Love."

I get the strangest hits from the random lyrics I post.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I love the keyword searches that are phrased as a question, complete with punctuation. I also love the ones that start "what if...".

I think someone needs to do some investigating to see if MacDonald's is coming out with a Dubya happy meal toy.

Sean Wraight said...

eric - I agree lovable organs are the best! ;-)

Allison - I was intrigued by the leather pants too... Mind you I was even more pleased to discover a whole new phrase - inexpert love. Maybe I should start that advice column after all!

Barb - We were just discussing 'Googlers' and the tendency for people to use it to answer anything now. It astounds me that people use Google as their primary medical resource... UNREAL...

As for the Dubya Happy Meal thing... Some things just can not be explained.