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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Get Out of Hibernation for $100

It’s been a very long winter up here above the 49th parallel. That goes some way in explaining those cranky tirades about major record label exploitations and only sporadic blogging over the last month. Spring has sprung though my friends and it’s high time to break those hibernating ways and enjoy some music.

This weekend of course, the long awaited Rolling Tundra Review makes its way through this town to the London Music Hall. Now as much as I am a fan of the Weakerthans and Constantines I’m even more excited to see show openers $100. I’ve really been enjoying this Toronto band’s very fine release Forest of Tears for the last month or two and I’m really looking forward to hearing these perfect hurtin’ songs live. After all, it was these very rootsy sounding original numbers that provided the perfect soundtack for this all too bleak winter. Simone Schmidt’s powerful voice and emotive lyrics commiserating perfectly with my all too real cabin fever. I have a feeling though my favourite little musical secret won't be a secret any longer. (Hear them here and judge for yourselves.)

Now if by chance you didn’t get a ticket for the big show on Friday night you can still catch $100 at their instore at Grooves Records on Friday afternoon. The band will be there at 4pm (or so) in a warm up for the evening show. Be sure to pick up their CD (Forest of Tears)too at either event, you will not be disappointed. The entire release is solid and I’m really looking forward to hearing the songs expanded in a live setting. This is the one that should have been on my Best of 2008 list had I found it in time.

And Tim… No need to buy me a beer. Just get $100 to play one extra song on Friday. Maybe a Hank Williams cover. After all, I really need to forget this past winter of discontent...

Do not miss this one people.

Get there here.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

$100 are opening for the Weakerthans and the Cons? You lucky fellow! They are not opening for the Calgary show, sadly. The fact that some of the old River play in the band gives them a powerful pedigree.

Enjoy (both the concert and the lack of 3 ft high snowbanks).

T said...


Too bad you're a stand-up kinda journalist that cannot be bought with alcohol.

Ok - which hank song? Looking at that radio show box-set and I'm thinking 'Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain'

Sean Wraight said...

Barb - Pedigree is right... This is definitely a band to watch. If you haven't picked up their CD yet, do so. It is soooo good. I just wish I had discovered it earlier.


Tim - Gotta keep up the journalistic integrity here! Plying me with music works every time. Your Hank selection? Perfect. And indeed the perfect fit for $100.