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Monday, October 13, 2008

All I Want for Christmas is the Kinks Box Set

You know when a song comes up on your iPod and it always manages to put a smile on your face? Well the band that most frequently does that for me is the Kinks. The appeal, part nostalgic, part musical comfort food is one that I hope never goes out of style for me. Needless to say the excitement was palpable today when I heard the long-awaited Kinks box set is going to be a reality December 1 — at least in the UK. It’s called Picture Book, and it will run through the band’s entire career from 1964 onward. (Good God, that’s almost as old as me!)

According to Universal Music, which is releasing the set, the six-disc collection was compiled by Ray Davies and features an exhaustive essay on the Kinks by rock critic Peter Doggett. The box includes more than 100 tracks, “a third of which are previously unreleased or new to CD,” (according to a press release). As of yet a North American release date has not been announced.
It was forty four years ago this month the first Kinks album was released. And despite its Shel Talmy produced, trademark sonic muddiness the two minutes and thirteen seconds of “You Really Got Me” remain a pure rush.

So if you’re really at a loss to get me something for Christmas this year, Picture Book would be a welcome addition to my library.

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