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Monday, October 27, 2008

The Big Wicked Online Pageant

The always generous Beth is hosting a Big Wicked Online Pageant for the most beautiful child in all their Hallowe’en glory. Unfortunately this beautiful child was seldom photographed, let alone in any Hallowe’en finery. To make up for this huge parental indiscretion I have been living vicariously through my son Jack for the past eleven years. If truth be told he is far cuter and entirely accepting of my creative forays. I remain hugely grateful for his patience and understanding in placating “Dad’s Hallowishes”.

The pictures here highlight some of the more artistic endeavours we have achieved through the years.

Photo 1) Jimmy Neutron's Dog Goddard

Photo 2) The Creepy Train Condunctor

Photo 3) Bart Simpson

Photo 4) Lego Boy

This year's effort is a decidedly different affair. He actually threatened to strangle me in my sleep if I made him wear another box or papier mache creation. This year he has chosen to dress as his favourite Beatle, John Lennon circa Rubber Soul.

Regrettfully Beatle boots are not pictured but be reassured that is not a wig!

Happy Hallowe’en!

Go here to see all of the participants on Tuesday.

P.S. Thank you for bending the rules a little Beth.


Beth said...

Jack may be the coolest kid I've come across in ages. Creepy Train Conductor is by far my fave -- and he works it well in the photo!

Dale said...

He's a dead ringer for the train conductor on my commuter train. Peace man! Excellent entries.

katrocket said...

It's so hard to choose a favourite when all of these costumes are so freakin awesome! Creepy train Conductor is brilliant (love the pose) but I think he makes an exceptionally fine Beatle - I'm just pleased that someone under the age of 25 knows who John Lennon is!

BeckEye said...

I thought I had killed all of my maternal instincts, but you're really making me want to go get knocked up. I want a human doll that I can dress up every Halloween!! :)

These costumes are all very creative...I love Bart. And that creepy train conductor...holy shit. Creepy is right.

Bubs said...

Those are all excellent costumes! There's something so cool about getting your kid dressed up in a homemade costume every year, isn't there?

Gifted Typist said...

Jimmy Neutron's dog - just the sound of that makes me laugh. great costumes

Barbara Bruederlin said...

This is exactly why we have kids, isn't it, Sean? What a trouper Jack is! I love kids who get right into Hallowe'en! And their parents who egg them on. Well done, both of you!

Flannery Alden said...

Cree-pee! We love the engineer!

Happy Halloween!

Flannery and Doc

Sean Wraight said...

Beth - He does make a very creepy conductor. It's interesting because trains were his first real psssion so this costume was a little homage to that. Lots of fun that year!

Dale - That must be some commuter train you take. Thanks for stopping by. I've visited your blog a few times and always enjoyed.

Katrocket - I am grateful as well the offspring knows who John Lennon is. It's no easy task keeping him on track musically but a challenge I accept with honour. Loved the pic on your site by the way. Well done with that!.

Beckeye - Thank you for the compliment. Creative costumes should be the rule. Glad you liked the Bart thing he was not to happy; I painted him yellow that year and man was he popular at the party.

Bubs - Absolutely, that's why I kept him! ;-) Being a decidedly uncool kid growing up, this is an excellent way to erase past indiscretions of cool for me.

Gifted Typist - Jimmy Neutron's dog is actually one of my favourite's. Most expensive too. It took about ten cans of spray paint to coat the damn thing!

Barb - Thank you Barb! And yes, I relish Hallowe'en every year knowing I can come up with something to outdo the previous year!

Flannery and Doc - Cree pee indeed. He freaked out every kid under three for a ten mile radius that year. WE WERE VERY PROUD!!!

Thanks to all of you for stopping by and taking the time to comment. I appreciate the kind words.


Katie Schwartz said...

You have turned halloweening into an art form, child. I luv it.