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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Your Weekly Download Lowdown

As Canadian readers will note, Thanksgiving is just around the corner and along with those typical Autumns riches (screw you Dow Jones) come a couple of downloads to enjoy whilst partaking in the inevitable turkey dinner. Proper dinner music is a must!

The first is from the always prolific Bradford (Deerhunter, Atlas Sound) Cox whose Coffin Trick is short sharp slice of slightly warped Kinks like pop. Appropriate title with Halloween at the end of the month. On a related note, his sublime cover of Bjork’s Headphones is still available at Stereogum.

As you’re sitting in the big room after the main course, a real treat from Daytrotter this week. Aimee Mann has recorded a session of songs all from her excellent 2008 cd, @#%&*! Smilers. Every time I listen to that disc I love it a little more. Which reminds me… It’s time for my annual viewing of Magnolia- A movie whose centrepiece is the extraordinarily moving music of Ms. Aimee Mann. If you haven’t seen yet it pack the kleenex and watch out for the frogs.

Happy downloading and pass the pumpkin pie.


Phronk said...

Oh man, I love Aimee Mann and Magnolia so much. The music totally makes that movie what it is.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I did not realise that Aimee Mann did the music for Magnolia. Well if we hadn't already picked up a pile of movies for the weekend, I would have grabbed that one.

Happy Thanksgiving, Sean!

I hope you have a beautiful autumn weekend. I miss London in the fall particularly.

Rosamunde said...

Good for people to know.