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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Everything That Happens is Happening Now

A little late in reporting this one but news from Midtown Manhattan’s own and Everything is Pop favourite, David Byrne. I’ve reported on this one endlessly but it’s finally official. The new David Byrne, Brian Eno collaboration has hit the tubes. Clever and oh so necessary I suspect record labels will once again be reeling with yet another novel marketing approach.

Good Morning

Today (Monday here in NYC) the rest of the album Everything That Happens Will Happen Today is available in three different formats. Small, Large and Extra Large. There is no medium. Just kidding about the sizes - but the three versions part is true, plus there is artwork etc.

You can stream the rest of the songs or just go for what's behind the curtain at:

I hope you like the songs....

David B

* Thanks for the picture Jack! ed


bloody awful poetry said...

OK so I'm not the most musically knowledgable person in the world, but is Brian Eno the same guy who worked with U2 and the latest Coldplay? Or am I getting the names mixed up?

Sean Wraight said...

It sure is my friend. Brian actually rose to fame in the 70's as a member of Roxy Music and from there went on to a brilliant solo career. A real musicians musician, he has worked with a myriad of artists like the aforementioned Byrne and Talking Heads to U2, James and indeed Coldplay.

He remains an all rime favourite.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

Talking Heads and Rozy Music never get old. This should be really fun.

Someone once claimed that David Byrne was the man that the most heterosexual men have a crush on.

Sean Wraight said...

HMMMMM, I don't know if I have a crush on David but I have always thought he'd make the most compelling of conversationalists. David just seems to be wired differently and his ideas, music and even his sense of humour is most singular. That is what appealed to me most when I discovered his music so many years ago and why I continue to listen to it actively so many years later.

I remember to the day I discovered Talking Heads' music and there has really been no looking back since.

Do you ever wonder what that Oxford band with the fuzzy faced lead singer would have called themselves had David not planted that seed?

Hope you really enjoyed Seattle. I loved your reports!


Barbara Bruederlin said...

Oh I sincerely hope they would not have continued with the name "On a Friday". Thank god they ditched that one.

dd said...

Your record collector video is sad but good.