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Monday, August 11, 2008

PLAYLIST 17 - This Is Your iPod. This Is Your iPod on Shuffle

Holiday time is almost over folks and I still have a little time left to let something else do the work. My iPod spit this up yesterday between thunderstorms and guacamole dip.

Like a Fishcoteque Needs a Bicyclette

Otis Redding - Change Gonna Come
Arab Strap - That’s Where We Left Our Love
Tu M’ - What You Say
Max Richter - The Trees
Babils - Dent De Sagesse (Extraction)
Herbert - Fishcoteque
Beck - Inferno
She & Him - This Is Not a Test
Jenn Grant - White Horses
Bob Dylan - Oh Sister
Beach Boys - Surfer Girl
The Who - Happy Jack
The War on Drugs - Barrel of Batteries
Jay Reatard - Haunting You
The Black Angels - Never/ Ever
Santogold - Shove It


Barbara Bruederlin said...

You have one of the most eclectically-minded ipods I have ever met!

Sean Wraight said...

I feed it very well.


amityb said...

Oh my, it's always with a slight reservation that I visit your sight, Sean, because I know I'm going to investigate all your music and feed iTunes some major bones. Sigh.

But hey, I JUST discovered The Who after viewing The Rolling Stone's Rock and Roll Circus with my pa for the first time, and absolutely love Happy Jack!

bloody awful poetry said...

You have raised your ipod well, Mr.Sean. I currently am utterly obsessed with Zooey Deschanel and M.Ward.

Oh and "Ipod therefore I am"? Geeenius! A friend of mine came up with "Fake Plastic Wiis". I'm still waiting for my own stroke of genius.

Sean Wraight said...

Amity, Amity, Amity... When I receive my residual cheque from Steve Jobs I will ensure a rebate is sent your way.

Glad to hear you enjoyed the Rolling Stones Rock' n Roll Circus. I watched it last Christmas for the first time and developed a renewed fondness for the Who. Regretfully, the same can not be said for Jethro Tull.


Sean Wraight said...

Aw shucks BAP you flatter me so, but geeenius? I'll take it if I must. ;-)

Now please don't tell anyone but I have a huge crush on Zooey Deschanel. She can do know wrong in my books and the She & Him cd has been on endless rotation in my car this summer. On an unrelated note this cd definitely sounds better on something other than earbuds. My enjoyment of that record has grown exponentially since shedding those.