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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Possible Radiohead Webcast Tonight

Find more videos like this on w.a.s.t.e. central

UPDATE: Link to show here.

So, if you are like me and you missed out on seeing the most brilliant band on the planet performing on their latest tour this might be your chance. (Just slightly less up close and personal.)

Tune up your Windows Media Players and Quicktime Players and keep checking their website later tonight. (Don't forget about the time difference.)

Posted on Radiohead's Dead Air Space site earlier today.

Thu, 28 August
Santa Barbara

Hello! To celebrate the end of a brilliant tour, we're going to webcast the last show here in America. We'll be playing live in Santa Barbara, at the Bowl. It's one of our favourite places to play; I think we've ended tours there before, once even playing a cover of ' cinnamon girl '. It's not too big, in fact it's very intimate, a small arena with a dirt floor, set in pretty countryside. It should be a special night, for lots of reasons, and we're going to try and share as much of it as we can on the webcast. Nigel, our producer, will be helping out getting it to you, so if it goes wrong....

It's live! Thank you so much to everyone who's come and seen us this year; it has truly been the most special and exciting tour for all of us.

Webcast details to follow...



Barbara Bruederlin said...

hahaha Bon Jovi!

I hear rumours that Radiohead is going to pull a RHCP and appear on stage tonight with nothing but gym socks on their bits. I trust this is just a bit of RH humour, otherwise my funny fuse may well explode.

Sean Wraight said...

I just can't get anything by you Barbara. (Even hidden Bon Jovi links...) ;-)

So Christmas comes early for you tonight from Santa Barbara. So so appropos! And with that California heat who knows perhaps the boys may show up in socks. Tom's red pants must be getting a little rank by now.

We'll compare notes tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this. I would have missed it completely.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

hahhaha thanks for posting If You're Into It! Brings back some great Radiohead memories!