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Monday, August 4, 2008

My New Favourite Song

"Strange Overtones", the previously mentioned free download off David Byrne and Brian Eno's forthcoming Everything That Happens Will Happen Today, is available today. You can grab it here now by simply providing an email address. I downloaded it earlier today and I have to say I just may have a new favourite song this week. I have always held both of these artists in great esteem and the results this time more than worthy of your download time. Be advised, this download is in glorious 320 kBPS mp3 format. Simply put, the song will sound exquisite on your listening appliance of choice.

Explore the website a little too. Details surrounding North Ameriocan autumn concert dates for David Byrne are up as well. If I play my cards right I might just be able to see him in Toronto at Massey Hall!

As I posted earlier, Everything That Happens Will Happen Today is due in download and stream form August 18, with its physical counterparts slated for release "later in the fall."

Can you sense I’m just a little excited? David Byrne was a very influential musician in my life and this is welcome news. Methinks I better dig the “big suit” out of the closet one more time.


Anonymous said...

But will you get up and sing Psycho Killer like you used to in high school?


Sean Wraight said...

Uh oh, friends don't let friends read their blogs. And tellin' stories outta school? Sheesh, I've gotta a reputation to maintain around here! For the record though I would gladly reprise my version of "Psycho Killer" were the opportunity to arise.

Oh, and who are you anon?