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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Early Bird Gets the Rock

Just yesterday, my favourite New York band – Sonic Youth made me feel a little long in the tooth. (Rearranging the record collection always does that from mind you.) But I digress... You see it was almost twenty five years ago I purchased my first Sonic Youth record. It got me thinking there are not a lot of bands out there I follow so keenly a quarter century after the fact. Needless to say Sonic Youth record release news is always good news in my books.

As announced previously, the new Sonic Youth double LP/CD/digital album, ‘The Eternal’ is coming out on June 9th. However, the album will be available to those taking part in Matador Record’s Buy Early Get Now campaign on April 28th.

Along with your preorder of ‘The Eternal’ on LP or CD, you’ll get an instant stream of the album, and later (either picking it up at your fave local record store or through the auspices of the U.S. Postal Service) a bonus limited edition live LP* culled from Sonic Youth’s July 4th, 2008 show in Battery Park, which will contain an exclusive poster. Additional MP3’s will be delivered via the BEGN site before or after the album’s physical release date (June 9th).

The album can be preordered from a trusted local retailer starting March 24 or directly from Matador on April 28th.

Though the full list of participating record stores will be available on March 24th. A separate but equally thrilling variation on Buy Early Get Now those in the United Kingdom and other territories will be announced soon.

God I hope I’m still buying Sonic Youth records twenty five years from now.

*- while supplies last


Anonymous said...

Zoey's gonna get jealous blogger boy!

Allison said...

The name escapes me at the moment, but I just bought my friend a book of short stories inspired by Sonic Youth song titles.

Their impact is vast.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I read something somewhere (heck it might have been here) that speculated that Sonic Youth have fallen victim to their own influence. The point made was that they are cited as an influence so much that nobody really listened to them for the music anymore. I hope that;s not true, and I know among truly worthy fans like yourself, it could never be true.

Sean Wraight said...

Anon - I won't tell her if you won't! ;)

Allison - That sounds very intriguing. I will definitely have to look into that. Thanks!

Barbara - That's a very interesting theory and I am compelled to agree with it. At least to an extent. I know that I listen to them frequently. I recently picked up the deluxe edition of Goo and I am newly appreciating that one. In many different ways than I did so, so many years ago now.

That being said. They will always be one of my favourites. They continue to challenge me as a listener with every release.