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Monday, March 2, 2009

Forkin’ Up

Neil Young’s New, Electric Car-Inspired Release Fork in the Road Due April 7th

Neil Young has been extraordinarily prolific throughout his storied career often exploring themes and subject matters most unusual. Today it was confirmed that Fork in the Road, a record about Young’s Linc Volt electric car project, will see release on April 7th. Most of the songs have been debuted on Young's latest World Tour. The only previously unheard song is Johnny Magic, an affectionate tribute to Jonathan Goodwin, who is Young’s developmental partner in the Linc Volt project. Young has spent significant amounts of time working with Goodwin at his Wichita, Kansas garage over the past year. Goodwin, known as the “motorhead messiah,” is one of the worlds preeminent electric car experts, and with Shakey’s penchant for automobiles and the environment it was a match made in automobile heaven.

The album was recorded with Young’s touring band, which includes Ben Keith (pedal steel guitar, keyboards), Chad Cromwell (drums), Rick Rosas (bass), Pegi Young (vocals) and Anthony Crawford (vocals, guitar).

Young plays the John Labatt Centre in London, ON on April 15th. Additional dates here.

Fork in the Road track listing:

When Worlds Collide
Fuel Line
Just Singing A Song
Johnny Magic
Cough Up The Bucks
Get Behind The Wheel
Off The Road
Hit The Road
Light A Candle
Fork In The Road


Allison said...

Neil Young makes for good roadtrip music.

Fact. ;)

Barbara Bruederlin said...

That Neil always keeps us guessing! Right on, guy.

Blair Whatmore said...

"Forkin' Up"?!?!
That might be the best music dork pun I've ever heard. Well done Sean, I'm sure I'm not the only reader who got a good chuckle from that.

Sean Wraight said...

Allison - You are indeed an authority on road trips my friend! Any particular song that stood out along the way. You must have actually passed through some of the towns Neil sings about in those songs!

Barbara - He sure does! That's why we love him so much. I just realized today though its actually his second visionary auto themed record. 1982's Trans would have been the first!

Blair - Thank you so much for the pun recognition my friend. It's not an easy task coming up with those dorky little gems. So glad they are being appreciated and even better, understood!